Another satisfied LORIS Customer

Another satisfied LORIS Customer

Following successful trials and evaluation, this delivery of CTSL LORIS Systems ships to Asia this week. Equipment is due to enter service imminently for C-IED and EOD operations. 

LORIS has been procured as the first phase of a direct replacement for the existing legacy CTSL Mini-Rabs fleet and selected for its flexibility, ease of use and range under use in complex urban and maritime environments. 

Supplied in this instance configured to the specific customer’s request, the LORIS Systems can be supplied either as kitted to customer requirements or with receivers supplied in bulk for the user to pair and re-pair receivers to transmitters as their operations dictate. 

If you have challenging operations that require high power, flexible and simple Radio Frequency Initiation then please contact CTSL to further discuss how LORIS can satisfy requirements.

6 Loris boxed and ready to ship
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