Disruption at a distance

Disruption at a distance

Airborne or ground based, CTSL supports unmanned platform providers in the development and enhancement of initiation, disruption and sighting capabilities for remote, reliable and safe C-IED and EOD operations. 

Unmanned Air Vehicles and Unmanned Ground Vehicles provide an innovative alternative deployment capability for the delivery of EOD tools and sensors, taking operators outside of the area of danger and reducing the risk of injury. With Disruption and Remote Initiation systems integrated to robotic platforms, capabilities for remote target acquisition, standoff disruption and initiation are enabled, therefore reducing reducing/eliminating the time on target. 

Utilising these Disruption and Remote Initiation systems as options, this approach allows for system configuration for the task at hand whilst enhancing safety through the independency of the firing circuit to the platform. Alongside Operator benefits, platform manufacturers are able to retain their core configuration for repeatable standard manufacture and supply, whilst offering their Customers the ability to benefit from capability and safety enhancing options.  

As part of this approach, CTS are continuing our work with key platform providers to address the challenges of remote disruption including work with Steelrock Technologies for unmanned air systems. Learn more about our work with Steelrock Technologies at http://bit.ly/2Mty9K0.

CTSL RE70 firing from Steelrock drone


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