International deliveries - Breach MC

International deliveries - Breach MC

We are delighted that our Breach MC System has entered service with another major international nation as the short range radio firing system of choice. 

Following a competitive programme of trial and evaluation, we are delighted to have delivered our Breach MC system to yet another leading nation for use in EOD, C-IED operations and EMOE tasks. 

Now in service with over twenty international users across NATO and non-NATO nations, Breach MC’s reliable performance, ease of use and minimal support requirements, continue to attract users and procurement authorities. 

Underpinned by a rigorous safety case and full accompanying support documentation package, our Breach MC system stands as the market leader in short range radio frequency initiation. 

Breach MC offers the following key features and benefits:

  • Nine selectable firing channels
  • Broadcast Firing (All Fire) Mode
  • Range to 1km LOS
  • Securely coded data transmission
  • Electric and Shock Tube initiation
  • Land and Marine Operation
  • Ergonomic design for single handed operation

To find out how Breach MC can assist in your EOD and C-IED requirements please visit or contact us at

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