LORIS Marine Float

LORIS Marine Float

Sea Mines, improvised sea mines and submerged unexploded munitions remain a threat to Military operations, coastal protection and international shipping around the world, causing disruption and loss on a repeatedly reported basis.

Alongside complimentary technologies Chemring Technology Solutions Limited (CTSL) provides both surface deployed and submersible timed release flotation devices to assist in the timely and safe disposal of such threats.

Utilising either the CTSL Breach MC or LORIS RF initiation Systems, the operator can attach the appropriate render safe equipment to defeat the threat at a suitably safe range.

Also applicable to Special Forces operations, the CTSL Flotation devices can play a multitude of roles and functions and can be seen and procured via the CTSL online shop www.theEODshop.com.

LORIS Marine Float Kit – The EOD Shop

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