LORIS – Providing mission specific flexibility

LORIS – Providing mission specific flexibility

Legacy RF Initiation systems typically restrict users to a specific kit configuration and in some cases lead to system down time when receivers are destroyed or lost. 

The LORIS family of RF Initiators allows complete user configurability and flexibility as specific missions require.

Selecting from a pool of receivers in inventory, the User can rapidly pair both Remote Initiation Devices (RIDS) and Mini-RIDS to build a mission specific kit of various receiver types as required. This pairing also provides enhanced security as creating new mission specific operating codes. 

The unique un-paired nature of the LORIS system also serves to minimise system downtime as receivers from inventory can be used to backfill any arising gaps in kits with the user enjoying the highest level of kit availability. 

When required, RID and Mini-RID inventory can be replenished with ease as unpaired units can be procured from CTS (OEM) and held in inventory until called upon.

Coupling flexibility and market leading performance, LORIS’ continues to lead the RF Initiation market.


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