LORIS – The ultimate in secure Radio Technology

LORIS – The ultimate in secure Radio Technology

The Chemring Technology Solutions LORIS System utilises the latest radio technologies available in order to provide ultimate security, safety and uninterrupted communications between Transmitter and Receivers in challenging RF environments.

The security of the LORIS system is achieved through a combination of approaches and complementary technologies with Spread Spectrum Radio at the heart of system security and performance:

LORIS - Spread spectrum radio

Most legacy RF initiation systems employ narrowband signals where power density is high and the spread of energy is concentrated. Albeit functional, narrow band signals are prone to interference in complex RF environments.

The LORIS radio uses a Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) modulation scheme to spread the encoded signal power equally across the occupied bandwidth. This has the effect of making the radio link more robust and increasing the link budget substantially over conventional narrow band Frequency-Shift Keying (FSK) used in other radio controlled firing systems.

The CSS scheme is particularly effective in poor radio environments. It provides improved discrimination against multipath signals; it is less susceptible to interference or jamming and is practically immune to Doppler effects when transmitter or receiver is moving. In addition, because the transmission power is distributed across a wide bandwidth it is more difficult to distinguish from noise to a receiver listening in-band.

As the latest, most advanced firing system available to the market, contact us for further information as to how LORIS can assist you in your operations.

Please contact us for further detail on the LORIS system and how we can support your requirements for enhanced Radio Frequency initiation at range.

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