PED MK.2 – Mission critical time-delay firing capability

PED MK.2 – Mission critical time-delay firing capability

Mission success often rests on the timing of critical actions. PED MK.2 provides user assurance through reliable and precise time delay, ensuring the result required is achieved at the exact moment required, every time. 

As a specialist time delay firing system, PED MK.2 is used widely by Military and Civil Forces and Demolitions and Mining organisations around the world for accurate ignition of EEDs with complete user programmability for delays at a second intervals as the specific mission requires. 

The self-contained device is fully programmable and provides features to prevent reuse if compromised after deployment. PED MK.2’s small, robust nature provides for ease of use and reliability in the most challenging of environments and as fully encapsulated, the device can be used for underwater, diver led operations. 

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