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LORIS Marine Float Kit

LORIS Marine Float Kit


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The Flotation System (LORIS) is a robust, non-magnetic vessel intended for the ignition (via the LORIS radio firing system) of subsea shock tube (NONEL) triggered devices. The flotation vessel is supplied with an external antenna port, safety switch, functional viewing window and a watertight equipment compartment rated to 100m depth. The Flotation System compartment houses a Programmable Electronic Delay - Release Timer (PED-RT), a LORIS Disposable Receiver Initiation Device – Shock Tube (DRID-ST) and battery supply. The Flotation System integrates with an interchangeable spool, providing up to a maximum of 100m of shock tube (ST) firing line. An optional indicator flash beacon may be fitted to assist with locating of the equipment for recovery when required.

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