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LORIS-T Hand Held Controller (HHC)

LORIS-T Hand Held Controller (HHC)

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LORIS-T incorporates all the features of the standard LORIS system (secure digital radio technology, increased EM immunity, etc) along with additional capabilities for specialist military engineering activities. LORIS-T is a unique, multi-function initiation capability in a single system - exploder level energy output, remote initiation controls and programmable time delayed firing capabilities.

(Long-range Initiation System) is an advanced remote control firing systems designed to command detonation of explosives by radio signals for military engineering applications. The kit specifics are customisable based on user requirements. 

The HHC is the user interface to the LORIS system providing the equipment programming function and the ability to arm/disarm and fire any Remote Initiation Device (RID). Each HHC can field programme up to 10 RIDs (of any combination) for each mission and permit arming/disarming and firing of individual, groups or all (global) firing devices deployed.



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