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LORIS-T RID-W (Remote Initiation Device – Wire)

LORIS-T RID-W (Remote Initiation Device – Wire)

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LORIS-T incorporates all the features of the standard LORIS system (secure digital radio technology, increased EM immunity, etc) along with additional capabilities for specialist military engineering activities. LORIS-T is a unique, multi-function initiation capability in a single system - exploder level energy output, remote initiation controls and programmable time delayed firing capabilities.

LORIS-T (Long-range Initiation System) is an advanced remote control firing systems designed to command detonation of explosives by radio signals for military engineering applications. The kit specifics are customisable based on user requirements.

The RID-W, as part of a LORIS system, is the receiver required when operating with firing cable between the receiver and the explosive charge. The RID-W can be paired and repaired with any LORIS HHC (Hand Held Controller) following selection for use and recovery after operations. The RID-W is operational alongside up to 9 further Receivers (10 receivers maximum) including any configuration of both RID-W and RID-ST (Shock Tube).



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